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My name is Vernon Lund.

This portrait of me is by Nicky Leigh. To see many of her art works, please visit Nicky's Site.

After years of teaching and of Christian ministry, I find my life taken up in exploring Contemplative Christian Spirituality. I have been greatly influenced and deeply encouraged by Thomas Merton, Thomas Keating, Richard Rohr, James Finley, Martin Laird, and on and on..

I am no longer interested in the restrictive attitudes and formal practices of religion, but I do know that in the person of Jesus, we find the archetype, model and mentor for each person to explore her/his own spiritual journey.

That is the premise on which this site is created.

I am presently closely connected to groups and individuals who are exploring Christian Contemplation.

There is a sense of purpose and enthusiasm in this journey, and much of the materials here come from those contacts.

This web site is a way of making the experiences of many contemplatives available, in the belief that we all need a fresh way of seeing and being, which also turns out to be a very old way!

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